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OMEGA 3 "xTGEKTx Request"

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 1 year ago


-Arrow Keys to move
-N,M to Turn over the body
-<,> to Open the Mouth
-? to Breath Steam
-Right Alt and Right Ctrl for the head
-U,I/O,P to chop
-K,L for the Main Gun
-[ , ] for the turrent cannons
-_ , + for the turrent Shrapnel cannonto shs
-1,2 for the main gun to shoot
-3 for the turrent cannons
-4 for the shrapnel cannons
-5 for the grenade launchers
-Right shift to detonate the grenades
-6 for the upper cannon
-7,8 for the spreadshot cannons

Controls for the Drome:
-F,V,C,B to move
-G to shoot
-H to release from OMEGA 3

-It was the same size of the previous OMEGA and also has the eight weaponry to carry
but now it has a drome to destroy it's enemy before she get there, OMEGA 2 has only
Two 15 inch guns, Duo 15 inch, DaVinci 15 Inch and the Cryo Cannon 34 (Steam cannon)
and for close combat are Galore 25mm (Lower Shrapnel Cannons) and Ka-24 G-Blades
but the OMEGA 3 Has eight 15 inch guns, Three DaVinci 15 inch, Eight Galore 25mm
(Shrapnel Cannons) fourteen Grenade Launchers, I Think OMEGA 3 was the most heaviest
robot more like a moving fortress it's awesome one my great design but still need to put
it on the Invincible because it's not very stable, so here we go "xTGEKTx" i hope you like it
and have a nice dude but don't worry it's not just last OMEGA i will make the OMEGA 4
or OMEGA 3 Mk2 the nicer version.
posted by xTGEKTx 1 year ago