How do I use a .bsg file?

The Perfect Cube

uploaded by Ross 2 years ago

Steam Workshop:

Your enemies will assume it's just a blank cube, so they won't see it coming. The Perfect Cube drives and flies with ease, and it's well-armed and bomb-proof.

* It has an ultra-low center of mass, thanks to a glitch with the braces.
* Vertical wings make it slide less, for more control on the ground.
* Horizontal wings, and carefully balanced centers of mass, drag, and thrust, make it remarkably stable in flight.
* It can beat any zone in under 30 seconds, most in under 5.
* It can fly above the freeze limit, allowing it to reach the moon in zone 30.

(I demonstrate in the video.)

Also, make sure NOT to use invincible mode, since that makes it glitch.

Movement Control:

Arrows to move
Left Shift = lift
*To fly, use forward/reverse to move/lean in the direction you want. Since it tips forward when you move forward, you can also use that to correct unwanted tilt. Please watch the video for more detail.

Grabber Control:

Left Control = Release grabbers
*The grabbers tend to grab the machine itself, so make sure to release them just before contacting the target object.
*Also release the grabbers if you hit a bomb, since that can make them grab the machine crooked and interfere with flight.

Weapon Controls:

Z = High power water cannon for castles and freighters (Also gives speed boost)
X = Lower power water cannon for live enemies
C = Detonate grenades

Remapping Controls:

If you zoom in, you can see all of the internal parts, and you can remap any of the controls. The steering and the grenades can be remapped from the outside. You can also add a camera to the back if you want.

Block count: 27 - OOPS! I mean:
Block count: 1
Although there is something special about the number 27. If you're a math enthusiast, you might recognize it...
posted by Kenny1999 2 years ago
This is flawless...
posted by CuscoOthriyas 2 years ago
Ho fuckballs, Beast!
posted by KenneilBarcenas 2 years ago
posted by Adam0000007 2 years ago
'' But we can still think outside the cube '' Definetly like it!

posted by Extreme2810 2 years ago
OMG this is the best creation ever made!!!

posted by light145632 1 year ago
no work...
posted by light145632 1 year ago
not work for version 0.05
posted by Ross 1 year ago
Besiege is up to version 0.40 now. At some point they changed the file types, so the older version of Besiege won't know how to read the new files. Files like the one for The Perfect Cube would be especially troubling because the scaling is edited, which is something you couldn't do in the earlier versions of Besiege. If you post about it on the forum, they should be able to help you update your game so you can use the new machines.