How do I use a .bsg file?

Defend the Castle!

uploaded by ET3RN4LW4R 2 years ago

Three automated bombers are attempting to take out the castle! Use the turret to shoot them down before they destroy the castle.

IMPORTANT: This bsg only works on the sandbox map! The creation cannot be rotated or moved!

At the start of the simulation, press T to unpin the turret and set the bombers into motion. The bombers are fully automated and require no control!

Use the arrow keys to aim the turret.
Number keys 1-8 fire your rockets. Use them carefully!
posted by AIgae 2 years ago
It's so much fun! Great design once again.
posted by Szakal 2 years ago
Great !
posted by ARCH_WOLF 2 years ago
*knocks bomber off course*
*bomber somehow bombs me instead*
posted by Brooka 2 years ago
This is so cool, everything about this is unique, I especially love them "sticky" missiles
posted by XantrX 2 years ago
AMAZING! Great Job On Such An Amazingly Fun and Unique Creation! Props To You Man!
posted by XantrX 2 years ago
Is there anyway I could contact you? I have an idea for a newer version but you are the genius behind this and i would need your help.

posted by ET3RN4LW4R 2 years ago
XantrX I am always open to new ideas. Probably the best ways to contact me would be through Steam or Reddit.
posted by ET3RN4LW4R 2 years ago
My steam profile and Reddit account are here :
posted by Depep1 2 years ago
Great build! Question: can i use your design but make the aiming better? ( when shots 1-8 are shot they are a bit off center, could i try to fix? you get full credit still)
posted by ET3RN4LW4R 2 years ago
I kept the inaccurate rockets because I think it's more challenging and more fun when unexpected things happen. Of course you're welcome to make changes and upload your own version. I'm working on a newer version that will have more enemies with different qualities and a better, more accurate turret as well.
posted by MK4GAMING 2 years ago
: > !!![DRAEGASTED]!!! < :
posted by Depep1 2 years ago
Question? how did you get the grabers to stick no the rocket?

posted by ET3RN4LW4R 2 years ago
The grabbers are first scaled up and placed in front of the rockets. Then they are moved back inside the rocket by a block or so.