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Metal Gear: REX "leMinecraftian Request"

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 3 years ago

N,M to Walk
Left & Right Arrow keys to TurnAround
O to Forward
K,L for the Buttom Turrent
H,J to Move the Ray dome and the Ray gun
-,+ for the standing mode
<,> for the Cockpit
Right Alt & Ctrl for the head
1,2,3,4 to shoot

This is what happen when Metal Gear Rex do drugs because when it walks it looks like he is drunk if you master how to
drive it you can walk it very well and the problem of it, it's not a accurately as a Metal Gear Rex look, Rex should have
a long ray gun but its short because i do it a longer ray gun it can't balance it's own, so "leMinecraftian" do you think
it's just Metal gear Ray No! Now we have Rex
posted by TTFH 3 years ago
Did you believe that u can make this:
The Sahelanthropus from Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.
posted by PikBit 3 years ago
can you make this?
posted by FaZeMetro 3 years ago
Nice Creation Blit!

Here is a challenge, try to create the Jackal walker From Warframe
posted by qazxsw1504 3 years ago
try to make Big Boss or a similar character
posted by JerryBERRY 3 years ago
LISTEN! Hey M8 , your were a awesome mech builder For long time why wont you JOIN the team! heres link:

posted by leMinecraftian 3 years ago
2 things--
1. can you tell me your steam name? that way I can add you to my group, TheBesiegeEngineers. Or you can request to join.
2. can you make a mini rex? I can barely run this at 33% lol
posted by Blitsplatapus 3 years ago
okay let's see if could make a smaller version that can run in 33%