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Bomber Airplane

uploaded by Kenny1999 3 years ago

This bomber airplane was a first "flying" and "controlable" plane. If you are often to check my uploads, you might have seen my previous WW2 airplanes, those planes are failed results (dont download it) and yet they cannot fly very well. This plane is very easy to control and uses Shade's steering system. The plane is another sign that I will try to make more planes, possibly WW2 planes
This plane is equipped with 2 bombs to be dropped at those Tolbrynd soldiers.


z = accelerate
t/g/f/h = maneuver
v = drop bombs
posted by CashAkSiege 3 years ago
How to make the turning mechanism?
posted by Kenny1999 3 years ago
The turning mechanism wasn't mine as I said before, I get it from this channel: