How do I use a .bsg file?

The AlphaChopper (My first helicopter)

uploaded by CashAkSiege 1 year ago

This machine's idea was from Tuuvas's Nemo helicopter design, and it taught me a lot. I had used the steering and the rotor design in my chopper, but I changed it up a little. There was a glitched wheel that stabilizes the chopper.


Num means number pad


Ascend/Descend --- T/G
Forward/Reverse --- Num8/Num5
Left/Right --- Num4/Num8
-Roll (To stabilize)-
Left/Right --- Num7/Num9
F to toggle
H to fire
posted by CashAkSiege 1 year ago
Since the roll mechanism is more in the back, go forward while rolling to prevent unnecessary reverse motion.
posted by Shade 1 year ago
Ok, I will check this tommorow
posted by Shade 1 year ago
Hmm.. It's rare to see simple swashplates these days.
It simple, works, not bad for a first helicopter
(heck, my first helicopter rotor's refuses to get along with the body and always detaches itself)

But it's not autostabilizing and I'm having a hard time to stabilize that.
posted by CashAkSiege 1 year ago
Hmm...Maybe I'll fix that
posted by CashAkSiege 1 year ago
Hey I'm posting a more stable version of the AlphaChopper in a few moments, guess it's name! (If u know Greek LOL)