How do I use a .bsg file?

The BetaChopper (Version 2 of the AlphaChopper)

uploaded by CashAkSiege 1 year ago

So, basically, there wasn't any major changes to the aircraft, but numerous stabilization fixes (e.g. Ballast weights, total blocks, braces) The look is almost the same, but I do remember changing a few blocks. The aircraft is now crazily stable, with a good AFK hover.

Total block count: 80


Num means number pad


Ascend/Descend --- T/G
Forward/Reverse --- Num8/Num5
Left/Right --- Num4/Num8
-Roll (To stabilize)-
Left/Right --- Num7/Num9
F to toggle
H to fire

Watch the video from YT
posted by CashAkSiege 1 year ago
Aw man, I swear I uploaded a photo along with it!
posted by Depep1 1 year ago
dude are you funking 5
posted by CashAkSiege 1 year ago
No im 1 ;)