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Whirled on a String II

uploaded by Ross 2 years ago

Steam Workshop:

*One 5 BLOCK machine for all 30 ZONES!*

If you liked the game I AM BREAD, but you found it too easy to control, you'll love this!
Beating all 30 zones with it is hard, but fun!

See it beat every zone in the demo video:

Based on a tip by Definitely not Pimp DDD:


z = flying spiral
x = grabber
c = rocket


Like the original Whirled on a String, it spins and wobbles continuously as it flies, and the key is to use the flying spiral more when it's facing in the direction you want to go. If it stops spinning in the air due to a collision or something, just keep it afloat and it will start spinning again, thus giving you back control.

It's hard to explain in detail how to fly it; you mostly just have to develop an intuition for it. But once you do, you might be surprised at just how much control this minimalist machine can give you.

It's a rewarding feeling to pilot something that doesn't seem like it has enough controls to function, like learning how to ride a unicycle.


Adjusting the settings can help a lot in certain zones. For example, the current setup is the one I used for zone 9, but increasing the rocket's flight duration is a must for lifting the giant sword in zone 30.

Increasing the balloon buoyancy can help in lifting objects, while reducing it can help you swing the machine violently while staying low to the ground, which is helpful for cutting down the crops in zone 22.

Making the balloon string longer can help keep the balloon out of harms way. Experiment and see what works best for you.


Original Whirled on a String:

8up, my previous 30 zone machine:
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