How do I use a .bsg file?

Fakcopter: Fake Heli Real Airship

uploaded by CCCanyon 2 years ago

One method of making a stable and controllable single rotor helicopter.
It's a airship looks like a helicopter.
Main rotor and tail rotor blades have no pitch, they do little to the flying mechanism.
Main rotor only provides some friction to prevent the vehicle going crazy.
Tail rotor is a vertical stabilizer.
Spirals and balloon provides lift.
Balloon provides upright force to stabilize the vehicle.

Pitch and roll: arrow keys
Elevation: "z", "x"
Yaw: "left alt", "right ctrl"
posted by xXepixelXx 2 years ago
sup ccc

posted by xXepixelXx 2 years ago
how do you modify the balloon

posted by xXepixelXx 2 years ago
nvm i know how