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Dornier Do 335 Pfeil "Arrow" Fighter-Attacker

uploaded by Shade 11 months ago

As requested by youtube user Myles Vincent.

The Dornier Do 335 Pfeil ("Arrow") was a World War II heavy fighter built by the Dornier company. The two-seater trainer version was also called Ameisenbär ("anteater"). The Pfeil's performance was much better than other twin-engine designs due to its unique "push-pull" layout and the much lower aerodynamic drag of the in-line alignment of the two engines. It was Germany's fastest piston-engined aircraft of World War II.

I don't know what did I do but this thing has 500+ block count and expect lower timescale when playing with this machine.

Default One-Hand Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Roll: F/H
Accelerate: Z
Turn off Engine: X
Fire Cannon: Num 1 & Num 3

Alternative Arcade Controls --
Pitch: Up/Down
Roll: Left/Right
Yaw:A/D (Must use one of camera modes)
Accelerate/Turn off Engine: W/S (Must use one of camera modes)
Fire Cannon: Left Ctrl
Unpin: P
Retract/Extend Landing Gear: Right Alt/.
Camera Modes --
Third Person: 1
First Person: 2

Block count: 550

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posted by skys1s 11 months ago
very cool)
posted by Gelyfist 11 months ago
Hey Shade, Could you Please ask your friend, The Red Glow in steam to upload his creations to here. I would love to try his creations. thanks in advanced
posted by Shade 11 months ago
@ skys1s Thanks, amazing tank btw.
@ Gelyfist I have relayed your message to him. I think he will upload soon since some thief starts to upload his machine here without his permission
posted by theredglow 11 months ago
i most certainly will