How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Blitsplatapus 3 years ago


N,M to Walk
Left,Right Arrow Keys to TurnAround
H,J for the Arms
C to Shoot
B to Self-Destruct
O Then press both (N,M) to Jump

Thanks for the help of "Krowanek,MK4GAMING" to help me to use PBP2 now i can create smallest creation
now like this Cute tiny walker here, he looks like a Bigdog with a 2 shields (I'M FUCKING INVINCIBLE!!) so by the way
it's well stable so you can enjoy life with TNY Goodday
posted by Bielgamercraft 3 years ago
posted by wasdlucas 2 years ago
posted by wasdlucas 2 years ago
why i press left to turn right and right to turn left?huge error