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Reloading Spring Ballista

uploaded by Roycehellion 2 years ago

Modified version of this machine :

N - hold to draw, longer held = more power
H - to fire
M - nock firing mechanism again, also open magazine cap
X - load next shot, wont auto stop, just pay attention
F - set camera to sights
Up & Down/ Right & left to aim - this is heavy so it moves slow.
1-7 to detonate shots - not really needed with fully charged shot unless its brick.

I only added reloading system and upgraded a few features from the original. Give his machine a dl too if you like this one.
posted by voxxyvoo 2 years ago
I love it! (I'm a girl btw)
posted by Roycehellion 2 years ago
I thought you might be from the user name! Glad to see girls doing awesome stuff in this game!

Glad you like it. It was just a fast rebuild, with a little more work you could make this almost fully auto. I may do that later, but first i have to tear it apart so i can get the mechanics down right and build my own. So cool!
posted by LucienLachance 2 years ago
Lots of braces there and it still looks good but kinda raw considering that's an ginormous thing and it shoots a very small projectile more like a gun with a ballista desing but still looks awesome (maybe it's me that like massive destruction but who knows ;)

PS: Still very surprised with this community
posted by LucienLachance 2 years ago
nope scratch that i'm an idiot it's actually pretty damn good looking and it causes some serious damage