How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Blitsplatapus 3 years ago


N,M to Walk
Left & Right Arrow keys to TurnAround
O to Dash Forward
Y to Jump (Fly)
C to Shoot
1,2 for the Missile Launcher

I looks like Metal Gear REX with Arms that can fly and Dash like a boss,also there's can be possible
at Non-Invincibility Mode but be careful he's still fragile when he get hit some solid objects
so you need to put it on invincibility mode instead, also he can stabilize itself because of the
heavy ballast on the foot with the high buoyancy of it's body
posted by xTGEKTx 3 years ago
Could you build one of the characters of attack on titan , who manages to climb etc
posted by dex 3 years ago
can you build a mach with four arms?

it would be so cool

posted by BoomPow31 3 years ago
it is really cool, but sometimes when i use the dash, it turn around on itself, aaanndd the walking is not so good, there's barely a grip on the leg. besides that 2 problem this is SO COOL
posted by BoomPow31 3 years ago
oh yea, one more thing, soooo i tried to not use the invicble mode and the legs got chopped off, the body flew like a ballon, i know it was the ballast bouyancy (that makes the thing stable) but still it's kinda weird. the same thing happen when i use the jetpack (i called it that XD) i can't barely land straight