How do I use a .bsg file?

Shiva - Mk5

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 3 years ago


N,M to Walk
Left & Right Arrow keys to TurnAround
H,J,K.L for the Arms
C to Shoot
O to Jump(Fly)
Up Arrow keys to Dash
1,2,3,4 for the Shotgun
5,6,7,8 for the Missile Launcher
<,> to Rebalance
-,+(N,M Both) to Gear and Ungear

I haven't built a Mech with four Arms yet but now it's here
posted by xTGEKTx 3 years ago
please make a thing like this but with 4 arms!
posted by xTGEKTx 3 years ago
sorry I had not seen who had four arms , nice work