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Aerial Landing Field + Boeing-Stearman Model 75

uploaded by Shade 2 years ago

Important Note:
Rotating this machine horizontally may resulted in malfunctioned landing strip

This is a collaboration between Shadé (Made the dirigible based on his Kirov Airship) and Stuchris (Helps the dirigible and made the mini plane),

Experiments in the 1930's on the conversion of the sun’s rays into electric power led to an unusual idea in aerial equipment. It is a dirigible that not only would get its power from the sun but also provide space for a landing field in the air.

The ordinary cigar-shaped dirigible would in effect have a slice taken from the upper half of the gas bag. This would provide a large deck on which could be mounted solar photo cells, an airplane runway, and a hangar. Planes could land on the dirigible, floating over the sea, to refuel for trans-ocean passenger service.

Dirigible Controls --
Forward/Backwards: Up Arrow/Down Arrow
Yaw: Left Arrow/Right Arrow
Unpin: P (Please wait until the rotor no longer shaking befor unpinning)
Release Plane: Z

Plane Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Roll: F/H
Fire both cannons: J
Turn on Engine: Z

Block count: 811

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posted by Verity 2 years ago
Just awesome like all your creations...
posted by greybird 2 years ago
Nice works :)
posted by TheManHATEbesiegemods 2 years ago
Hard work to create this, but in the video you just burn it down
posted by Shade 2 years ago
That's actually the best part.
That's also why I never use metal for plating; It's because aircraft made from wood went down in flames fantastically
posted by Kenny1999 2 years ago
This is actually a concept long ago designed in WW1 and WW2, to be a flying aircraft carrier. Basically it is a runway on a hydrogen blimp. But it was replaced by the aircraft carrier (boat), and this concept was never established. But it gives us inspiration to build it in Besiege, like this one!
posted by Shade 2 years ago
Exactly! Wow, you know about it a lot
posted by einar2002 2 years ago
really like the design, i would love of you could make a weaponized one, kinda like an air battleship
love the builds, keep up the good work =)

posted by Aslaan 1 year ago
Hey where are the planes you used to crash into the ship?
Do you mind sending me the beseiege downloads link?
posted by Shade 1 year ago
you can check the video desc for links
but i'm afraid it can only provide steam workshop links