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Ka-68 Hellion - Russian Assault Helicopter

uploaded by Shade 2 years ago

The Hellion is the primary attack helicopter fielded by General Orlov of the Russian Federation from the game Command and Conquer Generals Rise of the Reds.

Ka-68 Hellion was based on Ka-50 "Hokum" Black Shark, a single-seat Russian attack helicopter with the distinctive coaxial rotor system of the Kamov design bureau. It was designed in the 1980s and adopted for service in the Russian army in 1995.

Like other Kamov military helicopters it has coaxial rotors, removing the need for a tail rotor. This one is easy to build because it uses exact same rotor as my last Kamov (Ka-27 Helix) rotor known for its perfect autostabilization, meant it won't ever crashed unless the pilot meant to.

This allows the helicopter to safely carry 9 Thermobaric Rockets on each stub wings (which will crashed the game if exploded at the same time) and lay down a devastating barrage of incendiary rockets alongside its standard armament of two rigid cannons.

Thermobaric rockets borrowed from Loshirai14's Hellfire Assault Helicopter

Default One-Hand Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Strafe: F/H
Ascend: X
Descend: C

Fire Cannons: J
Launch Thermobaric Rockets: Num 1 - Num 9

Alternative Two-Hand Controls --
Pitch: Up/Down
Strafe: A/D (Must use one of camera modes)
Forward/Backward: W/S (Must use one of camera modes)
Ascend/Descend: Left Shift/Left Control

Fire Cannons: Num 0 & Num .
Launch Thermobaric Rockets: Num 1 - Num 9

Camera modes --
First Person: 1
Third Person: 2
Block count: 361

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posted by Vonkje 2 years ago
Verry Lovley
posted by Bio4 2 years ago

Always the best
The rotor system is very cool, never seen that on a besiege creation. My compliments.
posted by Shade 2 years ago
Does it? XD I'm just recycling that from my other helicopter works
posted by Marcin3411 2 years ago
Make F9F- panther

posted by TheMacawMacaw 2 years ago
Can you make the Aermacchi S-211?
posted by Kenny1999 2 years ago
Please, would you make Tupolev Tu 160 BlackJack?
posted by Shade 2 years ago
All of your suggestion is noted.
The 160 is cool and want it for a long time but I haven't found a good variable wing mechanism