How do I use a .bsg file?

the gecko mk 2

uploaded by Asdfmatt 2 years ago

im posting this improved version because ross plavsic mentioned some weakness points
i just cant believe that such a great besieger like ross would even pay attention to my creations
sorry for geeking out

arrows to drive
o for down force

i was told that it would break easily so i replaced the wood block with a ballast
and i also moved the fans a little upward and inward hopefully that would fix it
and i was told that the file name wast different but now its fine
posted by wasdlucas 2 years ago
posted by Ross 2 years ago
Thanks for the shout-out! It looks neat with the flying spirals relatively hidden - although their position seems to interfere with steering and cause the wooden block to break. With invincibility mode it's still fun, though!