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Ipsilon Mech Mk2 (Fix)

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 3 years ago


N,M to walk
Left & Right Arrow keys to turnAround
H,J,K,L for the Arms
O to Jump/Fly
C to Shoot Cannon
1,2 to Shoot Mortar

This is more Functional than the first Ipsilon Mech because that day i did'nt know
how to auto-balance a Mech because the high-bouyancy Balloon is in the waist that's why it cannot
auto-balance itself for the whole time i did'nt know, and now here it is it's well functional,
it's cool and Well stable i haven't build a well stable mech for the whole time but it's worth it
this machine literally complete the first island but i haven't try on tolbrynd maybe you
try by yourself if he made it to complete at least of Level 28 if you have patience to do it
I try it but only i can get to 28 because it doesn't have water cannon maybe can add it all by
yourself. So there you have it a mech that not just to conquer Ipsilon also to conquer a least
part of tolbrynd and have a nice day :-D
posted by Blitsplatapus 3 years ago
Also i forgot to mention to you "F" is for the Camera
posted by WOWMAN32 3 years ago
??? ??? ?????

posted by Blitsplatapus 3 years ago
posted by The J 3 years ago
Isn't it better to make the mech more balanced with a superior design than to just bung some nobounds balloons on there?
posted by Blitsplatapus 3 years ago
posted by JustaDude123 2 years ago
great job.runs reeealy well on my crappy computer
posted by Blitsplatapus 2 years ago
well sir you're welcome :-D