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v0.27 Flying Attack Submarine

uploaded by killofo 2 years ago

My first upload.
My own creation - inspired by other players who also made submarines

Block Count : 800
Run Speed : 40 % (On Tolbrynd - Level 1, but my computer is a bit old)
Is outside Box Limit

Can still Function without the mods with exception of:

Advanced Laser - This is for the laser visuals in the engine (and some weight for the Sub)
Flamethrower Thrusters - This is for the torpedoes (can't shoot without this mod)

Everything else still works ( Bomber, movement, self-destruct .etc)

Mods used to make:
- Spaar's Mod Loader
- TGYD's BlockLoader
- Building Tools v0.27
- C-Edit
- No Bounds Mod
- Advanced Lasers
- Flamethrower Thrusters

=== CONTROLS=============================

[E] = Engine Room
[Y] = Toggle Engine Laser Visuals

[R] = Torpedo chamber
[F] = Facing forward of the Sub
[o] = Cluster Bomber Aim ( Centre the bomb at location and wait to stabilize)

- - - - -

-Torpedo Hatch doors:
[Left Bracket] = Open
[Right Bracket] = Close

- Chamber:
[Minus] = Turns chamber clockwise (press this first)
[Equal] = Turns chamber anticlockwise

- Launch (shoots torpedoes in pairs, in clockwise order):
(needs to re-adjust float manually after shooting the first 2; due to difference in weight)

[p] = press to toggle "flying block" to re-stabalize AFTER SHOOTING ALL torpedoes

- - - - -

Cluster Bomber:
- Bomber Hatch:
[1] = Open
[2] = Close

-Bomber: (movement are sensitive)
[i] = Launch/Ascend (hold untill it leaves submarine)
[u] = Forward
[j] = Back
[h],[k] = Torque steering

[T] = Detonate --- DO NOT detonate in Sub, will lag ---

- - - - -


[/] = Unpin sub (wait a little while at the beginning for the grabbers and floats to stabalize)
Submarine at beginning will very slightly and gradually ascend, re-adjust if needed

[Right Shift] = Ascend
[Right Control] = Descend

[Arrow keys] = front, back, turn left, turn right

- - - - -

Self Destruct: (ONLY USE AFTER launching Bomber, otherwise will lag)

[Numpad Enter] = Flame throwers (hold for a couple seconds)

[NumPad delete] = Release Balloons keeping Sub afloat (Press after it starts to burn for better effect)

[Numpad Plus] = Detonate Grenades (Best to let the flame reach it for more effect)
[Numpad Minus] = Release grabber for grenades

[\] = Release torpedo grabbers --- These 2 will cause lag if bomber is still inside ---
[V] = Release Cluster Bomber grabbers
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