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transformers challenge entry

uploaded by Asdfmatt 2 years ago

this is my entry for the transformer challenge
this is a work in progress
it is a double rotor helicopter that turns
into a hovercraft

keypad 0 and . to transform
n & m to correct yourself
up to gain altitude
down to lose altitude
left,right to turn
it cant go forward YET
right control to hover in the air(toggle-able)
(bring the rotors down to the point where they're just above the ground)
up to go forward
down to go back
left and right to steer

Have fun!
posted by Asdfmatt 2 years ago
it has 36 blocks
posted by Haxgamerr 2 years ago
Congrats, you got to the 2nd place in my "Transformer challenge", You can choose what the name of my next build will be, comment here: