How do I use a .bsg file?

v0.27 Tank + Cluster Rockets

uploaded by killofo 2 years ago

2nd Upload
Upload date : 11/05/2016

Block Count : 570

Mods recommended:

Flamethrower Thrusters - To shoot the main cannon
Advanced Lasers - For the easier aiming

Everything else works normally (cluster rockets, movement .etc)



[/] = Tighten tracks
[N] = Flame boost

- Left track:
[O] = forward
[L] = back

- Right track
[P] = forward
[;] = back


[-],[=] = Medium range Cluster Rocket 1,2
(wait for tank to stabalise before shooting for better result)

Cannon: (turns slow for steady aim)

[u],[j] = aim down/up
[h],[k] = aim left/right

[q] = laser sight (aim slightly higher)

[R] = Chamber camera
use to make sure Tank Round is loaded properly

[T] = Raise magazine
[Y] = Lower magazine
[U] = Push round into chamber
(adjust the magazine and piston if the Round gets stuck)
(keep piston extended when loaded for high angle shots)

[1] to [7] = press and hold to fire tank rounds
(if forgotten which one you're one, just press them all from beginning)

[x] = front shrapnel
[z] = front flamethrowers
[c] = front normal cannons

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