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The Jump Qaud VTOL, Auto Hovering for Easy Landing

uploaded by CCCanyon 2 years ago

!!Auto hovers when pitching near straight up!!

Inspired by CUTANGUS's creations at deviantart(website:, tail-sitter planes, and quadcopters like the Quadshot.

Very easy to fly, hover and land.
NOTE: control may not feel right when it's straight up, it's normal for a aircraft pitching up.

Left Ctrl - starts engines
Arrow keys
Left Alt, Right Ctrl - yaw
Z, X - ac/decelerates
F, G - cameras
C - cannon, careful with recoils

Sorry for re-upload so many times, but It was camera problem, useless parts problem, and oscillation problem that can't be ignored.
posted by Battlekuh 1 year ago
posted by CCCanyon 1 year ago
posted by wasdlucas 1 year ago
"jump "QAUD""? qaud? isn't quad?
posted by wasdlucas 1 year ago
i know that it don't have 4 engines, it have one in the back, still weird.
posted by CCCanyon 1 year ago
Huge typo, sorry.
It is a quad. The rotor on the tail does not provide any thrust. It creates drag to make auto hovering possible.