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The Jump Qaud VTOL, Auto Hovering for Easy Landing

uploaded by CCCanyon 11 months ago

!!Auto hovers when pitching near straight up!!

Inspired by CUTANGUS's creations at deviantart(website:, tail-sitter planes, and quadcopters like the Quadshot.

Very easy to fly, hover and land.
NOTE: control may not feel right when it's straight up, it's normal for a aircraft pitching up.

Left Ctrl - starts engines
Arrow keys
Left Alt, Right Ctrl - yaw
Z, X - ac/decelerates
F, G - cameras
C - cannon, careful with recoils

Sorry for re-upload so many times, but It was camera problem, useless parts problem, and oscillation problem that can't be ignored.
posted by Battlekuh 10 months ago
posted by CCCanyon 10 months ago
posted by wasdlucas 9 months ago
"jump "QAUD""? qaud? isn't quad?
posted by wasdlucas 9 months ago
i know that it don't have 4 engines, it have one in the back, still weird.
posted by CCCanyon 9 months ago
Huge typo, sorry.
It is a quad. The rotor on the tail does not provide any thrust. It creates drag to make auto hovering possible.