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Steam Shuttle, Inspired by The Brooka's Steam Bird

uploaded by CCCanyon 1 year ago

Just noticed that @Brooka rarely uses mods to create. So I made a attempt creating without mods.

This steam powered plane uses canards to control fly. Those are highly loaded canards according to wikipedia.
Rear end lift is very small and adjustable, achieved by changing the steering blocks' limit angle.
@Brooka used 6-water-cannon configuration to maximize the output of a single fireball. I copied that.

Z - accelerates, extend rear wings.
Arrow keys
posted by Brooka 1 year ago
Really nice machine, works smoother without the reaction wheels, nice job!
posted by CCCanyon 1 year ago

Editor note:
After upload I found oscillating problem with water cannons. Re-place the left and right cannons on the wind panels would fix.