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Nod's Vertigo Bomber

uploaded by Shade 2 years ago

The Vertigo Bomber is a stealth bomber of the Brotherhood used during the Third Tiberium War.

As requested by steam user ReaverOfSouls

Trying some unorthodox steering for a plane. It uses 'feathers' on its wings to moves. Surprisingly generates nice dihedral effect, autostabilizes, and enhances stall recovery greatly.

It carry single bomb that can dispersed mid-air to maximize area of effect, it also has rear gun that may cause some damage to enemy aircraft or ground.

It glides so well, you don't have to hold the accelerate button all the time. Make sure to take off high enough (Crystal tower high) before going to forward flight mode.

Default One-Hand Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Roll: F/H
Vertical Take-Off: P
Accelerate/Decelerate: Z/X

Alternative Arcade Controls --
Pitch: Up/Down
Roll: Left/Right
Yaw:A/D (Must use camera modes)
Vertical Take-Off: E
Accelerate/Decelerate: W/S (Must use camera modes)
Release Bomb: N
Scatter Bomb: M (After bomb released)
Aim Rear Gun: Num 4, 5, 6, 8
Fire Rear Gun: Num 0

Camera modes --
Third Person Camera Mode: 1
Gunner Camera Mode: 2

Block count: 358

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posted by CCCanyon 1 year ago
The steering feels and looks awesome!!
posted by Shade 1 year ago
@CCCanyon Thank you :D

New Update:
Cloak/De-cloak: Q
Can render itself invisible, no need to redownload this machine (unless you have modifying it), just get the required mod:

- Requires Cloaking Field Generator block mod

- Cloaking Field Generator requires BlockLoader mod, so get that too if you haven't installed it.
posted by WOWMAN32 1 year ago
Thanks shade, you are the best
posted by WOWMAN32 1 year ago
Shade, kowe wong jogja udu

posted by Shade 1 year ago
Ho'o. wah mesthi wes stalk2 ki XD
posted by TheMacawMacaw 1 year ago
Hey Shadè I'm gonna send you the "Directional Exhaust" tomorrow
posted by TheMacawMacaw 1 year ago
If I can
posted by Shade 1 year ago
Sure thing!
posted by MK4GAMING 1 year ago
posted by TheMacawMacaw 1 year ago
Hey Shade Like this one idk what a directional exhaust is :P
posted by WOWMAN32 1 year ago
jenengmu ganti dadi sede wae
posted by wasdlucas 1 year ago
thx 4 kind of recommending me this game ;D