How do I use a .bsg file?

IVOS - 56

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 2 years ago


N,M to Walk
Left/Right Arrow keys to TurnAround
<,>/?,R Shift for the turrent
C for the Gun
[ , ] for the Missile Launcher
1 , 2 to launch

-Yep it is just a normal Mech but now it can walk well as better and also the Invincibility mode should be on we always need it

posted by Artur 2 years ago
Cool! )

posted by Jasonafex 2 years ago
Hey Blitsplatapus This Machine is Better than Hunter cause it is Easy For Me To Use . BTW can you make a Halo 4 Mammoth
here are the details : The M510 Siegework/Ultra-Heavy Mobile Anti-Aircraft Weapons Platform, also known as the Mammoth, is a very large UNSC vehicle that appears in Halo 4. It resembles a larger and more mobile Elephant.[3] It is a mobile command and control unit or forward operating base. The Mammoth can transport and deploy smaller vehicles like the Warthog or the Mongoose as well as infantry units.
posted by 777BERZERKER777 2 years ago
So many skill...