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King Regis' Regalia (Transformable flying car)

uploaded by Drako 2 years ago


-Press the transformation's keys until the transformation ends.
-It is not recommended transforming the wings while driving. I know than this is shown in the video and gifs, but there are little grabbers that grabs the wings to avoid wobbly, and in motion the wings dont are grabbed.
-There aren't hidden balloons on it, so can be used in ZeroG too. (NOT required).
-Need to unfold the wings to fly, they are completely functional.
-X and Up arrow pressed together are needed to take off properly.
-Is not very sturdy against crashes. Also performs very beautiful ones ^^
-I painted it, but no Mods are needed to play with it

My most ambitious project. At first I thought it would be something more simple, but i tend to complicate my designs and i was adding more moving parts than i thought at first. The trickiest part was to open and close the wings and the convertible roof without colliding with anything. I managed to build it as less laggy as possible, and believe me it worked :D I'm very proud of that, i used the less number of braces as possible to reduce lag, and despite of its 586 blocks and all its mobile parts (that produces lag too) i can run it at 60% timescale perfectly. I hope many people enjoy this design.

But is not only a nice car, It has a lot of transformations and moving parts:
-Deploy the rear wings to fly
-It has convertible roof
-It has electric windows! (Yeees... so cool)
-It has a exclusive door opening
-It has a unique hood opening too
-It can move the driver/passenger seats! (you're going to miss that?)
-Real steering wheel
-Attitude indicator
-And is FULL of details: mirrors, logo, red taillights, unique wheels, authentic flight engine under the hood, (etc...)

Arrow keys to drive
Right Control to boost.

T/G: Pitch (See the engine under the hood)
F/H: Roll (the seats rolls the machine)
R/Y: Yaw
X: Accelerate (Pressing Up Arrow together is needed to take off, like the original car)

1/2: Unfold / fold the wings (NEEDED TO FLY)
3/4: Unfold/fold convertible roof + oppen/close electric windows
5: Open/close electric windows independently
6/7: Open/close doors
8/9: Open/close hood
Left control/Left shift: Main Cameras / Secondary cameras

Huge thanks to Shade for making that awesome video again :) It's perfect for this machine ^^

MODs used:
Building tools by @Theguysyoudespise
PBP2, NoBounds & ColorMod by @Itr

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posted by Depep1 2 years ago
at first i was like o dam a nice ass car!
Then i saw the top and i was like DAMM!
posted by Harry 2 years ago
Most beautiful design I've seen in a while now
posted by JustDontLook01 2 years ago
posted by LordKarl 2 years ago
This should be at the very top of the popular list, this is amazing.
posted by Battlekuh 2 years ago
So much attention to detail, just amazing!
posted by Drako 2 years ago
Hahha thank you guys! So glad jou enjopyed it!
posted by LolmanBuilder 1 year ago
you have a Self Destruct best idea so no one steals your car XD
posted by leMinecraftian 1 year ago
how many blocks?
posted by Drako 1 year ago
XD yup!

blocks dont remember but about 550 i think?
posted by Ruslan 1 year ago
where is the skins?

posted by Drako 1 year ago
No idea here, i have the original game on steam and there the skins are listed and can download them directly from game. Here in besiegedownloads have no idea how to get them.