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The Swingcar Crawler

uploaded by The J 1 year ago

This is an alternate take on the rocker-bogie suspension seen in a lot of very successful off-road vehicles. The main problem with it is the back wheels will "kick up" a linkage, losing traction and control, meaning that a good one is hard to make, and often concessions will be made - such as turning being much more difficult, or ground clearance being far poorer.
This design completely circumvents the problem, and while it is less flexible, overall its performance is much better than other designs.
The two biggest design considerations here were good ground clearance and a low centre of gravity. These two naturally oppose each other, so a compromise must be made between the two. I did my best to ensure that minimal weight was high up, and weighted the wheels' ballasts and braced them. I also added extra small wheels to prevent parts of the vehicle catching on awkward rocks.
Finally, I put limiters on the hinges to make sure that they could never go too far. This should always be an addition to all rocker-bogie designs or those like them, as they are immensely helpful with only a small weight addition.
posted by cursedpython106 1 year ago
it falls apart when i play
posted by Nathaniel411 1 year ago
posted by The J 1 year ago
Cursedpython, it sounds to me like you've stuck it in the ground by accident. Try lifting it up first, then hitting play.