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F-104 Starfighter - Supersonic Interceptor

uploaded by Shade 2 years ago

Important Notice
Do not rotate the machine direction more than 90 degrees or the elevator control will broken

The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter was a single-engine, supersonic interceptor aircraft originally developed by Lockheed for the United States Air Force (USAF). One of the Century Series of fighter aircraft, it was operated by the air forces of more than a dozen nations from 1958 to 2004.

The F-104 was fast, very fast, but that was all it was. It was a very powerful engine with an aerodynamic fairing wrapped around it. It was small and could not carry much fuel so it had limited range. It had a very small wing so it could not carry much ordinance so was practically useless in a secondary role as a ground attack airplane. It was fast, very fast, but because of the small highly loaded wing it couldn't turn and therefore was no dog fighter.

This is my first plane that broke the hypothetical sound-barrier, its max speed reaches 1300+ km/h and strong enough to not deteriorating at that speed. But don't bank at that speed, or you will broke its fuselage.

Special thanks to Fnom3 with his amazing suspension design for the landing gear.

Default One-Hand Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Roll: F/H
Vertical Take-Off: P
Accelerate/Decelerate: Z/X

Alternative Arcade Controls --
Pitch: Up/Down
Roll: Left/Right
Yaw:A/D (Must use camera modes)
Accelerate/Decelerate: W/S (Must use camera modes)
Launch Rockets: Num 1, Num 2
Retract/Extend Landing Gears: Right Alt/.

Camera modes --
Third Person Camera Mode: 1
First Person Camera Mode: 2

Block count: 275
posted by Needeeon 2 years ago
Hey Shade how can i use the block ID: 52 (i think this is the propeller block with the attachment point) ??
posted by CCCanyon 2 years ago
Great plane! It's really fast.
I guess most of your planes are drones since the starting blocks replace the cockpits.
posted by Shade 2 years ago
^This!! XD
Now I know what to say to people who demand me to create some complicated cockpit on my planes.

@Needeeon download the latest PBP2, then put 52 in the block ID
posted by wasdlucas 2 years ago
Shade, you can use invincible 4 the Challenge, anyway i've maded a mk 2 without needing invincible and fiting on the cube, and, it it works without the infinite ammo, so it can conquer levels.
posted by DR3ANE 2 years ago

posted by wasdlucas 2 years ago
that's possible