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Steam engine V2.1

uploaded by oziboy 2 years ago

Update to my steam engine.
Esthetics, looks nicer
Performance, runs smoother, has more power, runs itself
Last one wasn't exactly 90°, actually, due to the angle the torches made it would be 45°, I had to remove the torches because the water would bounce back off the pistons and put them off, and it's 90° now.

Instructions: Y to start, if it locks up give the flywheel a quart-turn, or more, just don't break it :P

I don't quite understand why it seems to go at such a slow speed, maybe because of the limitation due to the water cannons still in contact, but I might be able to block the cannons off somehow to make it run slightly faster and more powerful
I'd need help designing a platform though, it would have to be VERY lightweight, stable and has to go up and down by one block (to maintain the power ratio, it shouldn't kill the device!).

Again, thanks to Roycehellion for making these comments on the last build!
posted by Roycehellion 2 years ago
Nice, big improvement over the last.