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Steam engine V3

uploaded by oziboy 2 years ago

My new steam engine build
It was supposed to be a fast one... until I realised that's impossible because of besiege limits, maybe, just maybe if I modded but all my builds 'till now are PURE vanilla.

Anyways, I made a raw design of the platform I meant in my last build.
I'm gonna experiment on V2-1 before uploading, if it fails I won't, except for when requested.
Basically, I'll try to merge both for extra power, and MAYBE double the amount of cilinders.

Y to start engine

Also, I designed a better system for the pistons, the angle the pistons made in my last builds caused the steam to bounce off, which I didn't expect from a game.
So that's been fixed and the pistons now are straight.

This was my last build for today, I've had enough Besiege for a day or so :P

To Roy, you should use this piston design too, even if just a little it adds smoothness because the angle isn't variable anymore.
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