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Steam engine V3.1

uploaded by oziboy 2 years ago

Update to the V3, I designed a better mechanism to lift the "valve" up and down.
I will be implementing this into the V2.1, so that it gains more power
I did have to remove some of the estethics I implemented but for power I'll do it hehe :P

So, the valve also functions as a secondary piston, kinda, it lifts up under the power it generates itself.
So a slight nod would be enough to get it running as when the valve is up, the main piston does all the work and gets it down again, repeat process.
So it's kind of a 2 in 1 thing.
I am going to try putting the hinge the valve rests on somewhere else where it MIGHT consume less power, and maybe implement it all in a vehicle to test the power it gives.

Instructions: Wait until valve is down and water cannon is heated, then press Y

Before I forget, if I edit this, I'm going to shift it a bit to the right because I had to do a major sacrifice with the piston where I had not enough room and needed to remove the armor plate for the piston. So it's not running on full potential!

Suggestions are welcome, thanks and feel free to use!
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