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Steam engine V3.2 W/ attached vehicle

uploaded by oziboy 2 years ago

Updated version of the V3.2, car has been attached and like I said, I moved the hinge the valve was resting on to the lower part, it now consumes slightly less power

Hit Y when the valve is down
Let it spin up, 'till it magically moves on its own (hehe, a Besiege bug when you blow steam or water to a block that is attached to the stream itself, it'll keep pushing and magically go forward, it's that mixed up with the fact that the flywheel is spinning in that direction)
When on full speed, use H to attach the wheels to the flywheel
Left & Right arrow keys to turn
V detaches the flywheel from the wheels, making spinning possible when the vehicle is locked up.
And arrow key Down moves the firethrower back.

Invinicibility mode is optional but recommended, not that it's gonna break but you never know, it might catch on fire.
Unlimited ammo should be on, I had to replace torch by the flamethrower because the speed would make the steam turn into water again, then it would bounce back and put it off

Suggestions welcome

P.s. hills are hell for this engine, hell I tell you.
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