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Modded realistic (and working) V8 engine [WIP]

uploaded by oziboy 2 years ago

Update V1.2 of my modded V8 engine
This update has some more performance uppities and 2 cilinders are added (yes, finally, after almost a day worth of messing)

I need to get the 90° order right so what needs to happen now is cilinder 5 and 6 are going to be 180° 4 and 3, and 7 and 8 also 180° from 1 and 2

I'll start updating again in a few hours.

Suggestions are welcome (please suggest)

p.s. I didn't clean this one up before uploading
posted by Roycehellion 2 years ago
Protip: Since you make a lot of engines, make your cranks and save them, so you can open them and quickly build ^_^
I even keep a blank block saved so i dont click "destroy machine" build something different and then accidentally save over my first one.

I look forward to seeing this full V8.
posted by oziboy 2 years ago
holy damn thanks for the tip

I'll have to design a good crank tho ;-;
posted by oziboy 2 years ago
70 minutes 'till I release what I have for now
posted by oziboy 2 years ago