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Modded realistic (and working) V8 engine [WIP]

uploaded by oziboy 2 years ago

This update is version 1.5, a bug fix to the previous one where it would magically not set the water cannons on fire.
I basically removed the flywheel because more speed = more fun and added some torches to ensure ignition

instructions: wait for all cannons to heat up and Y to start, nudge if it doesn't move (but it should because it's a beast)

Roy, can you check if this one works for you please?
posted by Roycehellion 2 years ago
-Seem to have eliminated the problem. As long as you are running pure steam and the steam is far enough away from each other a torch or fireball is the best option. the flame thrower is a good solution to the on/off steam bc the water puts both of those out.
-I will be the only person it bothers, but your piston are half a block off. you can see it as the "valve" almost touches one side, but clears the other easily. I love symmetry, it causes me problems sometime when building.
-Lastly, i would love to see a new version of this with this style steam pressure:
The fours cross is awesome and i love how the fireballs look mounted on them like that. Just a thought for your next biggun!

Im really impressed by your speed at learning and building, you may have surpassed me already!!!
posted by oziboy 2 years ago
Yes, about the pistons being half a block off, it bothers me a lot too but I'm not sure how I'd fix that
So maybe in my later builds I might do a better design on those, or I might just place them a little forward hehe

By the way, this is a realistic one, not a real one therefore this is a 2 phase, in comparison to a real one which would be a 4 phase, maybe I will make a nice design on that too but I doubt, I seriously doubt it will work because of the drag in Besiege

And also, my next build is almost done, it features your piston design which I absolutely love and a completely other system, no water cannons.

I'll be doing an attempt at perpetual motion soon, too.
And a steam turbine, but it's pretty classic so I'll do an attempt at making an enhanced version of it.
posted by Roycehellion 2 years ago
i beat you to perpetual motion ;) my v twin engine runs forever on its own w/o starting the steam canons :P (just hit z and it spin forever. cant remember if you need zero g or not)

Yeah i wish we could do 4 strokes, but it will never happen. Cant do the advanced math to calculate. If we do though i already made the valve train:
posted by oziboy 2 years ago
Not fair dude you used a freaking powered wheel :P

Anyways, pin down the starter block, then attach a swivel joint to it, and 2 sliders on each of the 4 attaching points of the joint.
Move it a little up for room, then hit space, enable the grab and drag thing in god mode
Take one of the sliders and throw it in one direction with enough force that all sliders are pushed away

See what happens
Guess I can't do perpetual motion
posted by Roycehellion 2 years ago
I used a powered wheel, but its had auto brake disabled (if not you can disable) and it still runs forever. I thought that was the reason for infinite run time too, but it has to do with the V configuration. I promise. theres always a pistons weight forcing it down.