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da plane

uploaded by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago

not the great flying. fly like a drunk people and don't too up or you will be stalled
up down_accel
left right_roll
m n_yaw (not sure this is yaw or pitch)
just bypass the intersection.
posted by Artur 2 years ago
Hm..., nice!
posted by leMinecraftian 2 years ago
looks a lot like Shade's tutorial plane.
posted by wasdlucas 2 years ago
yeah! i've kind of commented this, but my comment got deleted or something...
posted by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago
well, thats the first plane that using bypass intersection trick. so that's my first experiment. but the front not act like shade's sopwith camel because wayyyy too front heavy and wayyyyyy too hard to roll. the left roll controller often broken. i don't know why left only, not both. sooooooo sorry i just consider about look like design. you can bypass the intersection way easier using wooden pole than a large wooden block.even no intersection warning............almost. just another small wheel and a block on it and erase the wheel and now you have block that the place is 0.5 shorter than normal placement. the attacment on single wooden block actually even more than 6! in fact on the birds machines you can see the wing it almost 9 posibility to attach the single side of square! the total attacment of every side of single wooden block is 9*6=54! but sometimes it will jumped out or self-broken or not attachable. weird.
posted by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago
well what your comment
i want to read it anyways before i want to sleep
posted by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago

posted by wasdlucas 2 years ago