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single rotor plane w/ speed control

uploaded by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago

the speed of the plane can be adjust. middle stability but if you go too up, it will too front heavy and stalled and crash.
be sure you land with careful. first shurdown engine no.6 and stay staight and step by step lowering the engine level by turning off engine no.5 and 4. land softly and you can safely turn off all remaining engine.
careful if you want to land the plane but you still have a bomb on it.
1-6_engine accel
left right_roll
n m_yaw
k l_pitch
7_bomb detachment
8_empty detachment
9 0_missiles
only take-off if all engine turned on
the take off is not so greatful but make sure the plane is not go too up or you have trouble. except if you go fast or on the high attitude you can perform trick.
posted by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago
c for cannons
posted by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago
f for camera
posted by JerryBERRY 2 years ago
It's not single , it's 2 rotors :P
posted by indonesiabesiege 2 years ago