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Experimental 8-cilinder engine

uploaded by oziboy 2 years ago

Just wanted to see what it would do
All of the cilinders fire at the same time

It's possible that this works freaking awesome on Roy's PC, because he mentioned that the torches wouldn't fire properly in my V8 engine
Therefore, the device wouldn't be very bottlenecked by the not so great steam timings and spin faster than usual

Anyways, this engine spins relatively fast, but it's nowhere near my best build or anything, In reality, if the vehicle would be stuck it would shut off and not work unless you spin the flywheel and get it moving again

But there is the power of 8 cilinders at once in exchange, it might be good for something that doesn't need to be fast, gears of the engine would be smaller than the device supposed to be powered

Invincibility and infinite ammo on
Y to start engine, everything will go automatically

Thing is, I had to set the sliders on fire
I can make it without invincibility, and perhaps infinite ammo at all but it's too much work (not really) and I'm lazy

Bonus: view from atop is freaking amazing
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