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Large Missile Launcher

uploaded by anonymous 2 years ago

Fires 6 bursts of missiles. Has tons of armor so hard to destroy. The only issue is the steering.

Driving: Up arrow to go forward, Back arrow to reverse, side arrow keys to steer

WARNING: Shoot in order of J,K,L or V,B,N specifically, or it self destructs!
Top row: j,k,l
Bottom row: V,B,N
Be careful! press V, then B, then N, or J, then K, then L, unless you wanna rain shrapnel everywhere.
(Really, try it. Press B then N to self destruct and destroy whatever is around you. Good for The Queen's Fodder.)
posted by AngularTag752 2 years ago
btw guys I made a better version with better steering and 16 extra missiles! Sorry PC... Its called Missile Rain.