How do I use a .bsg file?

Working Simple Torque Meter

uploaded by Roycehellion 1 year ago

This is a very basic way of measuring our engines power output. Basically you just keep adding step up gearing until it cannot function anymore.

The way i have used this is the largest number of gear sets it can continue to run with. I used a steam turbine and 2 cylinder steam engine to show the power difference. Notice that bc the steam piston engine requires some momemtum to keep its cycle going it has to keep a higher rpm, but the turbine engine has constant force rather than pulses and is ale to run incredibly slow but keep turning.

I would measure engines in gear sets:
2 cyl piston: 2 gear
8 "cyl" turbine: 6 ear

My 8 cylinder 45 degree engine was a 5 gear ;)

I tested both of these with one more set and they both failed. Im not sure i set the piston engine to max pressures, but its still a good example of how to quickly verify torque output.
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
Wow, nice

It's simple but nice

What if we automate the gear adding process so it has the right rpm first before gearing up?
I have an idea so I'll try that out
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
Correction, not automate but like button 1 adds first gear, 2 adds second etc
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
I was finished until I realised that I messed up and placed the gears in the wrong place
posted by Roycehellion 1 year ago
I would just use a clutch for that. i was thinking about doing that, but you could just use rocket starters like you have as well. I just use the grabber too to spin engines.
Glad you like it, lemme know if it rates your engines pretty well. I figures sine it rated my 8 cyl a 5 gear set and this little 2 cyl, its pretty good for a base. I have a couple other things im playing with including a working CVT. :D
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
I'll test my engines later hehehe

But I'm going to make a good transmission now, with clutch and stuff and I'm able to because of this meter

I mean, this is awesome

At any rate I'm done with the gear system but I'm on a bad net, I'll mention it here when it's done uploading
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
posted by Chalimancer 1 year ago
Gentlemen, I realize I am about 9 months late but I would like to inform you I have built a 3 cylinder (12 steam cannon) engine with a power of 14 by this method of reckoning. It is based on historical steam engine design as opposed to internal combustion engines and thus comes with the nice feature of variable power/reversing valve gear. It fits in the bounding box and so will the 4 cylinder (16 steam cannon) engine I am planning. Would you like me to upload it?
posted by Roycehellion 1 year ago
Where is it?