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Engine w/ valve

uploaded by oziboy 2 years ago

Valve system Roy requested me to make, actually replicate, turned out pretty well, though it could be better

I added counterweight to the crankshaft
It runs sooooo smooth, and even better in combination with a flywheel imo

Anyways, I experimented and came to the conclusion that, power on the water cannon only means how far the cannon will go, it is not related on how hard it pushes (This is logical, but I bet you didn't know what comes next)
So basically, for smooth motion you want the water cannon not go all the way down the piston, at the beginning of the cycle the piston is not yet over the half part of the crank, therefore the water will push it back and slow it down
And my theory is, if we can fix this, we can achieve some niiiiiiice RPM, maybe to the point the engine would break

@Roy, wanna try making something that utilises that effect and actually use water power to our advantage?

So more pressure =/= better
Change it to 1.5 in this creation and check for yourself if you don't believe me
decouple flywheel to see better tho :v
posted by oziboy 2 years ago
Dang, forgot instructions, wait for the block to fall then press Y to activate, it'll run on its own
posted by Roycehellion 2 years ago
i disproved your theory already :(

power directly influences steam pressure, but water pressure is really only for distance. i had always wondered as well. if you edit the .bsg fiel and set pressure to 5 is we always push through ballast blocks. i tried to use that to make hyper powerful engines, which could be done if they didnt blow through valve blocks.

After all the engines ive seen, i have concluded that about 60 rpm is the max we can get out of a piston style engine, no matter what is done, even modding.
Still super impressed with thh Duke engine, i wouldnt have even tried that in here.
posted by Roycehellion 2 years ago
Where did i request this btw? id like to revisit that convo, since i dont remember it at all ahaha! Still, pretty smooth for a single.
posted by Roycehellion 2 years ago
One last thing: the armor plate just adds more reciprocating weight to the piston, it doesnt actually translate into more force being applied. I wish it did though :(

posted by oziboy 2 years ago
Wow, I was sure you said something along the lines of "you should make something like (link here)" so I made a mechanism resembling the same thing

I can't find the quote tho
posted by oziboy 2 years ago
And for the armor plate, it does seem to work a little smoother, well then, that's disproven so I don't have to waste space on it anymore hahaha

though for the duke engine it was necessary for a longer duration of the ignition
posted by Roycehellion 2 years ago
Ill say it again, that duke engine was gorgeous and a little sexy it was so smooth!