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MedMark 1

uploaded by MedMarcos 1 year ago

This is my first machine. Powered with gears, u can get great speed. The direction control was a big problem in that moment. Find the solutión was not easy. With five long range cannons two lower n three upper, u can rise the machine to get more height in ur shoot. N if u have fired all cannons, u have a stretchable circular saw... for nearby enemies.
I hope that u will enjoy my first invetion :D

+Forwards | (Up Arrow)
+Reverse | (Down Arrow)
+Turn Left | (Left Arrow + Right Shift)
+Turn Right | (Right Left + Right Shift)
+Upper Cannons
-Right Cannon | (C button)
-Central Cannon | (X button)
-Left Cannon | (Z button)
+Lower Cannons
-Right Cannon | (B button)
-Left Cannon | (V button)
+Get Up | (H button)
+Extend Saw | (J button)

The upper cannons are planned for when u shoot, they unclaps from machine. The upper cannon also have more shot distance than lower cannons.
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