How do I use a .bsg file?

Remote Helicopter

uploaded by Harry 2 years ago

I know this has been done before! This is just my own attempt as I really liked the other one.

H to start
Right shift to ascend, right ctrl to descend
Arrow keys to move
J for the flamethrower
K to drop the bomb
I to boost
L to switch cameras (the far away camera showing the front of the helicopter shows the range of the flamethrower. If it's on screen, you can burn it)
Back slash (\) to self-destruct

The controller does follow the helicopter!
posted by Harry 2 years ago
Forgot to mention, I used the colors skin pack
posted by displayter 2 years ago
this got VERY popular!
posted by Harry 2 years ago
It only has 858 downloads
posted by enderboyyy 1 year ago
no is 1050 downloads