How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by RIDDIK 1 year ago

use the invincibility mode
not so stable

make it better and make it flyable take it as a challenge
posted by Milchael 1 year ago
when this one wont get that many downloads as my x wing i will cry xD

posted by RIDDIK 1 year ago
Also check out my wheelchair & star destroyer
posted by Harry 1 year ago
The looks aren't bad. I might try to make it fly better:)
posted by Harry 1 year ago
Damn Daniel! I just got like the weirdest glitch ever. I was working on it, and everything was ok, it was staying stable after starting the simulation, all was left was adding the controls. And then, when I tried to place a wheel on it, it exploded! And I tried different places, with different blocks. I literally can't place any more blocks on it, or else it explodes
posted by Harry 1 year ago
And invincibility mode doesn't change a thing. How does that even happen? It's perfectly fine until you add a block on it!