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Wind_Slash V7

uploaded by Jason402 2 years ago

A speedy jet/plane that flies and glides well.
Up, Down (arrow keys) - pitch.
Right, Left (arrow keys) - roll.
Q : fast/lift mode, use it to take off and to turn.(finicky control, but gives more lift)
E : precise/landing mode, for landing or gliding.(less control, a little bit slower than Q mode).
Left Shift : lazy man's engine.(toggle mode on water cannon, the flying block is on normal mode)
Left control : Flamethrower.(modded range)
F : Camera.
Block Count : 47.
Fits in the Bounding box.
Adjust thruster speed.
Landing Gear rework.
Tail wing rework.
Plane stability increased.
posted by Jason402 2 years ago
Hmmm did someone just copied my picture??? :(
posted by US_Air_Force_Vehicles 2 years ago
i reported it
posted by Jason402 2 years ago
thank you, i was busy with my work n stuff^^