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New Hovercraft Design- The Hoversaw

uploaded by AngularTag752 2 years ago

When I was working on an experimental climbing machine, one of the mechanisms included a pert with a flamethrower and saw that fell off from decouplers and grabbers. I added the saw, like "Hey, it's good for the Infantry!" then after dropping the part the saw pushed it around with no problem. I was like Hmmmm....
Then the Hoversaw was born!
Equipped with 6 rotary saws, 5 steam cannons, 4 propellors, a cannon, 2 missiles and 2 moving blades, it glides easily across land- its only weakness is getting something stuck under its saws.
Movement: Arrow keys. Up to forward, back for back, left-right for steering and hold both for a Boost.
Weaponry: C to fire cannon. V and T for rockets, and M/N swing the blades in and out. The steam cannons in front to go backwards with (Down arrow) can be deadly....
This is a revolutionary design, but a little wobbly. Please message me in the Comments what you think and before you create anything with the design! I'd like to see it improved.
posted by AngularTag752 2 years ago
Also, it needs the Modern Day skin pack and the Sci-Fi White skinpack.
Sci-Fi pack:
Modern Day pack: