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Mecha-Octo! (base of denko's bb8)

uploaded by Asdfmatt 1 year ago

the japanese goverment was struggling to battle the new threat...Octo!
but then, one man stood up and said "build a robot version and make em fight."
thats the story of mecha-octo.

anyway im pretty sure your familiar with mecha godzilla so i built the mecha-octo.
as i said this isnt actually my creation its the base of denko's micro bb8 without the ball.
i just made the pitch system and the face. its got a really weird face and if you dont like it you can always just delete the rope XD im not gonna ruin the face surprise for you to find out yourself XD
for some reason i wanted to play in the old sandbox so thats why the thumbnail is in the old one
octo is one of my older posts by the way


arrows to move
z,x for pitch
keypad 0 to breathe fire...again

and thats actually it,have fun!
posted by wasdlucas 1 year ago
Thats the logic of Life.


Thas the awser for everything.

Why CCcanyon's so Good?

posted by Asdfmatt 1 year ago
I get it...i think
posted by wasdlucas 1 year ago
posted by wasdlucas 1 year ago
posted by DenKo 1 year ago
??? ??? ??? ????? ?? ??????
posted by Asdfmatt 2 months ago
666 dl's pumm pum pumm *thunder*