How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by RIDDIK 10 months ago

not so cool just simply good a bit
load your own car or use the car comes with this creation
do the drifting,jumping,donuts and more
posted by Depep1 10 months ago
no credits to the creator of the car in the thumbnail
posted by wasdlucas 10 months ago
Thief, thief, stop being so thief.

You're Riddikculous
Hu3hu3hu3 brbrbr

posted by RIDDIK 10 months ago
what did i stole id just forget to mention the creator of creator
and the ramp ive made it my self just by using someones creation idea
posted by wasdlucas 10 months ago
You don't gived credit to the original creator, and picked his machine.

Thats what thiefs do.
posted by nikitaign 10 months ago
Hi RIDDIK, its me - nikitaign. People say that you steal someones creations, without rights. But ok, in "" you can change someone's car (creation). And what if people dont like it? I dont like when someone took my creation without rights and put it his own track(map). I will count what you stole - "Hovering Alfa Romeo", GYMKHANA v1.0, I think you stole "name it". No words bye. (try to do smthng yourself, it will be better.)