How do I use a .bsg file?

Destroid mk-1

uploaded by Akahige 2 years ago

Walking Mechs,
Block count 286

Walk: Press the Arrow left and right alternately
Turn left : Press the Arrow left repeatedly or hold down
Turn right : Press the Arrow right repeatedly or hold down
Back: Arrow Down
Booster: Arrow Up

Up cannon: keypad 4
Down cannon: keypad 1
Shoot cannon: keypad 7

Up turret: keypad 5
Down turret: keypad 2
Shoot shrapnel cannon: keypad 8
Shoot Flame Thrower: Keypad 9

Up rocket launcher: Keypad 6
Down rocket launcher: Keypad 3
Launch a rocket: 1 - 0 on keybord and minus, Quote

<Use these skins>
Shark Mouth L
Shark Mouth R
Aluminium - Olive
BlackPaint --- Black Wooden Parts with Dark metals
Cluster Bomb Rocket
Sci-Fi pack [Black]
posted by Blitsplatapus 2 years ago
posted by wasdlucas 2 years ago
Blitsplataplus ran out of words XD
posted by Blitsplatapus 2 years ago
posted by Blitsplatapus 2 years ago
My brain need also a little bit of rest so i can wrote much better
posted by Akahige 2 years ago
Thanks Blitsplatapus, I’m glad you like it.