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Technical Pickup

uploaded by Akahige 11 months ago

Block count 160

Drive: Arrow keys
Turret Control: Numpad 8,4,6,2
Cannon: Numpad 5
Bomb Rocket: Keypad 7,9

<Use these skins>
Metal & Dope
F3's WheelPack
BlackPaint --- Black Wooden Parts with Dark metals
RedPaint --- Red Wooden Parts with Dark Metals
posted by NightFury 10 months ago
can you put the skin on mediafliere sorry for bad english but nice JOB!!!!!
posted by Akahige 10 months ago
I created skins "Metal & Dope" "Viridian" uploaded here.
posted by youssef199 10 months ago
thanks for the mediafliere
posted by NightFury 10 months ago