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Mercedes Benz Unimog U5000 [Upgraded]

uploaded by Orz_PX 1 year ago

This is an upgraded version of my previous Unimog U5000
( &

The upgrade includes:
- Selectable RWD/4WD
- Front and rear differentials with locks
- Central driving
- Controllable throttle

If you would like to change the driving speed, change the flying speed of the flying spiral in the middle of the chassis.

To maximise the joy of driving this vehicle, I recommend you turn on invincibility.

Please bear in mind that due to the realistic drivetrain, the max speed you can get out of this vehicle may only be around 1 speed of the large wheel.

To maneuver:
- I to turn on/off the "engine"
- Arrow keys for throttle up (forward), throttle down & backward, left and right
- 1,2 for front axle diff-lock
- 3,4 for rear axle diff-lock
- 5,6 for doors
- G to engage/disengage front axle drive
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